Being a Purina Certified Expert Dealer means that we offer a complete line of quality Purina feed products and have knowledgeable associates who care first about our customers, and their animals. Training is a key element for our Certified Expert staff and you can depend on us for Certified Expert advice!

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Throw it to the birds: Three tips for what your flying friends want to eat

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology knows what it’s talking about when it comes to birds. Being an Ivy League school never hurts that characterization. For their Project FeederWatch they provided some great tips on what to do, and not do, when feeding birds near your home.

The Best Style Cowboy Hat For You

Cowboy hats are used for many occasions. The best style cowboy hat for you should be the hat that best fits your lifestyle. Cowboy hats are very functional accessories. They are no longer just for people who work outdoors on ranches or those who live out West.

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Located on 1,188 acres in Gray Summit, Missouri, The Purina Animal Nutrition Center is one of the premier animal nutrition research and development facilities in North America.